Monday, 10 June 2013

True Aikido Stor Masahilo Nakazono Sensei

 `A Man of Peace and Pieces `

                                                                                                                          By Henry Ellis

Henry Ellis tells the story of Nakazono Sensei the first Japanese Aikido master to be invited by Kenshiro Abbe to teach in the UK in 1960.
This story was originally printed in the Aikiweb columns in " It had to be Felt " number 19.
Aikiweb invites direct students of the early teachers tell of their personal experiences training with some of the Legends of Aikido.
Photo: Henry Ellis with his teacher Masahilo Nakazono 1992 - in Sante Fe New Mexico USA.

Click Here ->   `A Man of Peace and Pieces ``A Man of Peace and Pieces`

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