Monday, 10 June 2013


AIKIDO  in  MMA  by Rik Ellis

Its a mystery !

" Why is Ki Aikido only effective on fellow students  of Ki Aikido ?  "                                                                                                                                                                  

Rik Ellis, the son of Henry Ellis Shihan. Rik is a long time student of Aikido, he found he needed to set new limits to test himself.

Rik found MMA / Cage fighting to be the ultimate challenge.
Rik has won every fight in the first round - he is now the UK1 2012 Light Heavy weight champion.
Like his father he is saddened to see the way Aikido the martial art he still respects, is sadly so diluted to suit the needs and purpose of the deluded, that it has gone beyond watering down to become vaporised.
Admittedly, there is still some good Aikido, but sadly there is far more `Pony Aikido`. The genuine Aikidoka know who they are - and the rest know exactly who they are.

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