Friday, 7 August 2015

Sorry no Ki Aikido Stories Here <]:-( - Don't be dissapointed - Ki Humour in the right Column.

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Ki is part of our Traditional Aikido directly taught to us by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from the 1950s.
Ki was taught as a inclusive part of the application of each and every technique.
Abbe Sensei never spoke of Ai or Ki or Do, he spoke of `Aikido` as a whole, so, why the need to keep referring to Ki. I have no problem with Ki Aikido perse, I do have a problem with some of the fantasy claims.

Why do some Aikidoka think that Ki is something unique only to them ? something that only appears to work on their own gullible students ?

It is like eating chips - every time you pick up a chip and saying ``chip ``.

Ki is not magic, neither is it mystical. and it certainly was never a dance routine.

If you are looking for all things related to Ki Aikido ? you will not find it here, I respectfully advise you to visit the ` `aiKIweb` forum where you will get all the Ki you can handle, the forum is dominated by the scientific orgasm's and wonders of Ki Aikido. Many of the Ki people have colonised `aiKIweb` and gone into their own orbit as if it were their very own planet.

If you are a beginner and listened in wonder at some of the fantasies of Ki Aikido, for example, the teacher who could knock his students over with a Ki Blast from 15/20 feet away, if this kind of bullshit was for real ?, do you really think that person would be teaching in some old scouts hut in the midlands, or where-ever they appear, they would be on stage in Las Vegas or on TV making a fortune.

If you want to read stories of the early days of practical Aikido with many great Budo teachers, where students trained hard and physical in a martial art simply referred to as ` TRADITIONAL AIKIDO `, then you will find plenty of stories below.

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Biography of Derek Eastman Shihan

The true story of a young student at the famous `Hut Dojo` in the 1950s. 

Interview by David Wilson.

A true story of what Aikido with Kenshiro Abbe Sensei was really like in those early days.

Derek Eastman began his Aikido journey as a sixteen year old student at the
`Hut Dojo` - Sensei recalls his first visit with a friend to the Hut Dojo - as they entered the dojo there
were four men with bokkens and shinai's attacking another man who was blindfolded, Derek's friend turned to him and said " stuff this i'm orf " - he left, Derek stayed, and is still involved in Aikido over 50 years later. It was only later that Derek discovered the guy that was blindfolded was Henry Ellis. In less than one year he would become assistant to Ellis Sensei.

Click here for the Derek Eastman Bio - Derek Eastman Bio